Glen Ou

Glen was born in 1945 in Shanghai, China. Having a passion for the arts throughout his childhood, Glen completed his first oil painting at 13 years of age. His painting, Mother of Pearl Mountain Peak won the local art competition, taking top prize.

In 1962 Glen was successfully admitted to one of China`s most prestigious art universities, Shanghai Theatre Academy, and Majored in Fine Arts and Design, with a specific focus on stage and lighting.

In 1973, Glen was recruited into the Shanghai Arts-Designing Company, the prominent industry leader of its time. Over the next fourteen years, he was deeply engaged in painting, graphic design and commercial photography. During this period, Glen also participated in annual exhibitions organized by the Shanghai Art Museum. Often, his works span two to three metres in size. Girl with the Sea, admired by German Bap artist R. Neukirch while touring in China and was purchased through diplomatic channels, and shipped to Europe for collection.

Glen immigrated to Canada in 1987 and taught art at Great Wall Art Gallery in Toronto, Ontario. He subsequently joined Princess Studios as the Chief Photographer before starting his own studio Picture Perfect Photography. Glen was appointed the Designated Photographer for the Miss Chinese Toronto pageant.

In April 2001, The Arts of Glen Ou solo exhibition was held, with Markham Mayor Donald Cousens as the guest of honour at the opening ceremony Since 2001, Glen has appeared on numerous media programming including Omni News, Fairchild TV, and WOW TV.

In recent years, Glen has channeled his focus towards Impressionist painting. Through his many visits to the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, both in New York city, The Louvre in Paris, the State Tretyakov Gallery in Russia, and Spain’s Picasso Museum, Glen analyzes works of Modern art and continues to search for a breakthrough in conceptualization.

Glen is currently an active participant of the Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery of Markham and the Richmond Hill Group of Artists and is a member of the group of artists calling themselves Painters6.

Curriculum Vitae – Glen Ou